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Warmachine Weekend Army Pair

While preparing for Warmachine Weekend I have been practicing with these two lists.

ACS 2014 Social Media for Surgeons (#SM4S) Hand Out: Password Strength


A strong password has a large keyspace which increases the entropy of the password. The more entropic a password is the more resistance it is to brute forcing. These passwords can be difficult to remember but by utilizing a password manager you can generate and store a strong unique password unique for each site.

ACS 2014 Social Media for Surgeons (#SM4S) Hand Out: Password Manger


Password reuse is a security problem since it allows for passwords compromised in previous breaches to be used to access accounts on other services where the same password is used. Another flaw with passwords that humans can easily remember is that they usually are made from a small key space. This can result in passwords which are vulnerable to brute force guessing attacks. Mitigations for these threats are a unique password high entropy passwords for each site. However, these types of passwords are not easy for people to use in the real world. Employing a password manager allows for a unique computer generated high entropy passwords can be used for each site and the user only has to remember one strong password which protects all of their passwords.

ACS 2014 Social Media for Surgeons (#SM4S) Hand Out: Have I Been Pwned


Knowing if your information has been involved in a breach can help you remain secure. Unfortunately breaches are not far and between and staying on top of each new one can take all of your time. Using a search tool link have i been pwned can help you stay on top of the news.

Export Armies from Warroom

Privateer Press created the application Warroom to allow people who play the game to create Army Lists on their mobile devices. One of the features that this application lacks is a way share your lists except via email. I wanted to create a way where I could easily share my army lists. I decided to on the service IFTTT (If This Then That). This is a free service which allows you to, as it's name implies, take action on one service when triggered by another. IFTTT's service allows you to create "recipes" which contain these actions.